First of all, he would like to thanks you for dropping by in his Blog! His name is Henry, a Filipino with Chinese bloodline but influenced by Japanese culture and art and he also expose in Japanese movies and animation and made him fond of japanese traditions, food, manga, games, and life style. He is actually one of the lazy individual who lives in this world likes those who believe that “Happy Go Lucky” and in result, he is now “Jack of all Trade” (master of None). Trying hard technical support. He is also trying to hide himself and stay in a low profile as possible and doing his best not to get too much attention of others. He also likes watching cosplay but he doesn’t want to participate simply because he doesn’t have the courage to display himself in front of many audience. Below average in English communication skill (verbal and written). He loves playing basketball, Lawn tennis, footbal, swimming, taekwondo, ju-jitsu and wushu in his dreams, simply because he doesnt has a chance of playing those games. One of the noob blogger and frustrated web developer. A self-proclaimed Game Freak who loves many types of game genre, used to play family computer and gameboy, became an online gamer and currently Playstation adik. In short “A Fulltime Gamer”


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