One Piece Two Heroes Monument in Universal Studios Japan

The monuments of the the two heroes in the war of the best was built inside the amusement park Universal Studios Japan. I watched the episode when Shanks went to the monuments of this 2 heroes but I’m not expecting that they will create same monument into the real life. The monument replicate those depicted in episode during the Marineford war of the best. On the right side is Edward Newgate known as “White Beard“, the greatest man on the sea and on the left side is Portgas D. Ace, White Beard 2nd Division Captain and Luffy’s brother.


Welcome to my One Piece Blog

My name is Henry and I’m a die hard fan of one of the ┬ápopular and longest anime series “One Piece”. I decided to create my own One Piece blog to share my image collections and give you update . I actually watching the episode only but I do not read manga maybe because I like to see the character move and you will also appreciate the emotions, humor and battles. The picture above is the reunited Straw Hat Pirate after they disbanded two years ago in Sabaody Archipelago by Admiral Kizaru and his allies.